Japanese Papers

The majority of the papers I use are Japanese. Other papers come from Thailand, the Philippines and China, and a few are from the United States. The papers I choose must meet a certain set of criteria -- most Western or machine-made papers rarely pass my high standards.

Yuzen Chiyogami (Japan):
Often called washi in Japan, these are finely detailed, silk-screened patterned papers, very often with gold outlines.
Momi (Japan and Thailand):
Meaning "crinkled" in Japanese, this crinkle-textured paper is mostly solid colors, but also comes marbled and in metallic colors.
Kyosei-shi (Japan):
This paper is similar in texture to momi but comes with deckle edges. I often use Kyosei-shi to border my quilts which give them that raggedy-edge look.
Stencil-dyed (Japan):
This paper is hand-stenciled with designs in one or two colors. Stencil-dyed papers are now more rare since silk-screening is faster and quicker. Some of my stencil-dyed papers are more than 15 years old and are no longer available.
Marbled (U.S.):
One of the few U.S. hand-decorated papers I use, these papers are smooth and extremely intricate, including some with gold and copper ink.
Chirimen (Japan):
This crepe-like paper used in Japanese doll costumes is my favorite to use in my carpet collection.
Kodai nishiki (Japan):
"Antique brocade" papers with a special coating added on yuzen and chirimen.

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PAPER QUILTS by Anna Velez • Indianapolis, Indiana • anna@annavelez.com